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Monday, February 1

Date Weekend

So I had a successful attempt at getting Tye out of town and away from work for the weekend!! Mission Accomplished!

Tye popping our champagne cork at the hotel before we went out

We didn't really do anything big - but I'm a firm believer that sometime's it's the small things that matter most. I got us a room in Downtown Fort Worth, and we spent the weekend down there. Had a great dinner at Texas de Brazil! If you've never been, or don't know the concept, the waiters literally walk around the restaurant all night with skewers of different meats (chicken, ham, beef, filets), and you just grab and go - all you want. Tye's more of a meat eater than I am...but he LOVED it! Step 1: Done!

Goofing around before we went out - what's with the face, Tye?!?!

Then we went to the improv comedy show Four Day Weekend downtown. We've seen this show several times, but it is AWESOME!! We love comedy clubs, and this is definitely one of our favorites! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! Step 2: Check!

And then, we got to walk home (just about 9 blocks), and stopped in little hole in the wall places on our way. It was nice for us to sneak away and steal some 'us' time!

So it was a successful weekend away - and just in time: work starts back up again this week. Not sure yet what I can tell, but I'll be in LA for a week starting Wednesday. I'll share details as soon as I know I can!!

Have a great week!